Gaga Sanctuary

Gaga Sanctuary

Gaga Wildlife sanctuary is a unique grassland ecosystem situated near village Gaga in Kalyanpur Taluka of Devbhumi, Dwarka district on the Indo-Asian migratory flyway which is a regular route for the migratory birds. It is 22 Km away from the Range headquarter Bhatiya and 11 km away from a bifurcation on Jamnagar Dwarika state highway. The Sanctuary was notified in 1988 under the Section 18 of the Wildlife (Protection) Act, 1972. The sanctuary having an area of 332.87 ha. which is divided into two parts, a sweet water lake and a river khari passes through sanctuary area. Gaga sanctuary is one of the few places where a number of important birds are found. Even though it is small in area, it has its own natural and biological significance as it supports some globally rare and endanger flora (Commiphora mukul and Urochondra setulosa) and fauna like Indian darter, Lesser flamingo, Houbara bustard and Dalmatian pelican. The Sanctuary harbours 88 species of avifauna including a large number of migratory birds like pelicans, spot-billed ducks, flamingoes, demoiselle cranes, common cranes larks, sand grouses and partridges visit this sanctuary during winter. Prosopis juliflora has colonized a large area of the Sanctuary. Capparis spp. (Kerdo), Acacia senegal (Gorad), Salvadora spp. (Piloo) are the other main tree/shrub species. Cyprus spp., Sporobolus, Dichantheum spp. and Suaeda spp. constitute the major ground flora. The area is an ideal grassland harboring rich biodiversity related to grassland food chain and food webs in its ecosystem. A total of 66 species of trees, shrub and herbs supports its grassland ecosystem. The sanctuary and the surrounding areas support wild mammals like wolf, jackal, mongoose, jungle cat and the blue bull. Seven species of reptiles including four venomous snake species and invertebrates like butterflies, moths, honeybee, wasps, spiders and termites are also present in the sanctuary.

How to get there:

By road: The Nearest bus station is Bhatia (20 kms).

By rail: The Nearest Railway stations is Bhatia (20 kms).

By air: The Nearest airport is Jamnagar (100 kms).