Poshitra is known for its rich marine biodiversity which is located in the district DevbhumiDwaraka.There are more than 20 islands located around Poshitra and it is the regular site for dolphins. This area has high coral diversity and act as a paradise of reef ecosystem. The diversity of this region includes more than 37 species of hard corals, 3-5 species of soft corals, reef fish, sponges, sea weeds, jelly fish, sea cucumber, sea slug, octopus, sea star, puffer fish, shrimp, crabs, sea turtle, window pane oyster, sea anemone and so on. There are several rock pools with rocks covered by barnacles and oysters which attracts birds like plovers and lapwings. There are limestone fossils of coral at Poshitrabhadu evidence that the place was submerged underwater over several million years ago. MNP organizes Nature Education Camps for School and college students to create awareness on protection and conservation of marine life, which is carried out at the campsite in Poshitrabhadu.This spot attracts not only tourist but also nature lovers and researchers.

How to get there:

By road: The Nearest bus station is Okha (14 kms).

By rail: The Nearest Railway stations is Okha (14 kms).

By air: The Nearest airport is Jamnagar (160 kms).