1) Sea Turtle Monitoring in Marine National Park and Wildlife Sanctuary

There are number of studies and evidences for direct and indirect threats to sea turtles and their habitats in our country. Nest predation by animals and local people for consumption of eggs are common threat to sea turtles along the Indian coast. Incidental catch in fishing gears and hit by boat have been reported as other major threat in coastal districts. Besides this, coastal plantation and sand mining along the nesting beaches have been documented as other threats to turtle habitat in the Gujarat coast. The quantitative assessment and the magnitude of impacts on sea turtle and its habitat are needed to be studied in detail. A thorough baseline data on recent sea turtle nesting population is required to address above mentioned impacts and for developmental activities along the MNP & S

A project has been sanctioned to Bombay Natural History Society to study sea turtle population to assess the nesting ground and their status through intensive monitoring and capacity building for different stakeholders towards the conservation of sea turtle in Marine National Park and Sanctuary.

2) Developing of long-term inter-disciplinary communication strategy and action plan

In order to develop a long term, comprehensive communication and action plan to instill pro-conservation behavioural change among the stakeholders of MNP & S, a project titled “Developing of long-term inter-disciplinary communication strategy and action plan: An extensive research and pilot communication approach for Marine National Park & Sanctuary (MNP & S)” has been sanctioned to World Around You (WAY) Ahmedabad.