Membership of the Society

Membership of the Society

A) Membership of the society shall be of three types,(i.e.)

1.Individual Membership

Any Indian citizen interested to pursue objectives of the society shall be eligible to become member of the society.

2.Institutional Membership

Any Institutional, corporation, company, organization or body, duly constituted under relevant law and interested in promoting objectives of the society shall also be eligible for membership of the society.

3. Government Nominees :

State Government many nominate members of the society.

For members of category (1) and (2) above the society shall lay down rules and decide on admission and continuation of membership procedures. They shall not have any executive powers.

The State Government or the society may make appropriate changes in membership rules as and when necessary.

B) Membership Fees :

Individual Membership:

Annual Fees: Rs. 250

Life Member: Rs. 10,000

Institutional Membership:

Annual Fees: Rs. 10,000

Life Member: Rs. 100,000

The society may make appropriate change in the membership fees as when necessary.